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Design For Change Recovery Services is a full service recovery center that offers tiered levels of treatment for drug addiction and alcoholism. Located in beautiful Southern California, our residential alcohol and drug rehab in Lancaster CA and its staff create the perfect environment for the recovery process to begin. Our individualized care provides a holistic approach using the 12-steps along with a cognitive multi-disciplinary approach that is based on evidence and boasts continued high success rates. Our treatment theories focus on the wellness of the individuals we work with to find whole mind and body solutions. We understand the difficulty of finding a drug rehabilitation program in California that is affordable, effective and carries individuals through our program and back out into the world to be successful, sober and aware.

These days there are many drug and alcohol treatment centers in California that cannot provide the type of one-on-one care that we at Design for Change Recovery Services can. Our focus is on the actual problem of addiction, not just its symptoms, and it is why our clients leave feeling confident, at peace and able to engage wholly in the world around them when they leave.

Treatment That Works

Drug abuse and alcoholism are destructive and deadly leaving families broken - lives torn apart and almost without hope. At this point there is almost nothing else left. But, there is a solution. Design for Change Recovery Services drug and alcohol rehab in California uses a treatment approach that is multi-faceted, assessing the situation in our “precovery” process so you and your family know which one of our treatment options is right for you. We learn with you, how to overcome obstacles that used to be thought impossible to overcome. We focus on spirituality, wellness, nutrition and active lifestyle choices to replace old, unhealthy habits. We recover with you and follow you from the initial days of intervention, through rehabilitation and into a solid aftercare program.

If what you are looking for is sustainable, long-term recovery and happiness, we are so glad you found us.
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