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Why We’re Different

Design for Change Recovery Services has been providing quality 12-step holistic care using therapies in addiction science and advances in recovery theory that have proven effective and have changed the lives of thousands of drug addicts and alcoholics. Our treatment programs have proven effective for marijuana rehab and oxycontin rehab treatment as well as more traditional alcohol and drug rehab. One thing is certain – our method works and we work hard every day to ensure that we are building on these certainties by working with clients individually and in small groups. We know how important it is to feel safe in a rehabilitation program and we provide that safe, compassionate treatment environment for you. We put great emphasis on forming close relationships with our clients. Many of our professional addiction specialist staff members have gone through some form of the recovery process themselves.

Creating Life Long Solutions

Design for Change Recovery Services encompasses all of the phases of recovery starting from even before a client is admitted through our doors. We do not endorse the “cookie cutter” type treatment approach offered by many low cost rehab centers because we know through experience that each individual is different and cannot be given the same type of treatment as the next person. The joy of Design for Change Recovery Services is it really is a design for living that can be achieved through hard work and the strong support of our staff and medical team. Each individual is heard in treatment and counselors are continuously trained in the latest advances in addiction medicine. We combine alternative therapies in wellness, spirituality, nutrition, music and outdoor activities for those of our clients that it is suited for. We are deeply connected in the recovery community and offer the very best in individualized care the people that have even the slightest desire for it, even those who prefer non 12 step rehab centers. By combining cognitive therapies with spiritual counseling, new methods of treatment, individual treatment, group counseling, and new lifestyle choice architecture, we have found a solution that works and continues to work even after our graduates leave. Incorporating recovery into daily life and having it become habit before a person leaves our facility is a cornerstone in long-term recovery and personal growth that we are adamant on providing.


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