How Do I Find The Right Therapist?

By DFCAdmin in QA | | 18 Aug 2017

  When you are in a long term residential treatment program, you tend to work with the same therapist throughout the entire process. Switching therapists with each phase of treatment can be stressful and uncomfortable. Unfortunately, many treatment centers have contracts with their therapists which state that a therapist cannot see their treatment patient outside […]


Relationship Changes in Early Recovery

By DFCAdmin in Blogs | | 18 Aug 2017

  Relationships with friends, family, and co-workers are often a casualty of addiction and alcoholism. As an individual sinks deeper and deeper into substance abuse, the substances become the only thing that matters in his life. An addict will lie to people closest to him in order to cover his addictions or to convince them […]


What Do I Need To Know About Planning An Intervention?

By DFCAdmin in QA | | 17 Aug 2017

  Interventions shouldn’t be thrown together last minute. Addiction is a fatal, chronic, progressive, disease, meaning time is of the essence. Once you are going to host an intervention, every single detail needs to be in place. Your interventionist will help you find a treatment center, plan transportation, and orchestrate the intervention. Interventions have different […]


Learning Self Control

By DFCAdmin in Blogs | | 17 Aug 2017

  Self control is often one of the first casualties of drug addiction or alcoholism. Substance abuse overwhelms a person’s metabolism and brain chemistry and creates a psychological connection to a substance that requires a massive effort to defeat. To break a cycle of substance abuse, an addict or alcoholic needs to retrain his brain […]


Is It Better To Go To Detox Or To Detox At Home?

By DFCAdmin in QA | | 16 Aug 2017

Detox is the initial period of recovery immediately after drug and alcohol abuse is stopped. Not everyone will experience a detox or a severe detox. Most people will experience, at least, psychological symptoms of withdrawal through their first few weeks and months of recovery. Withdrawal symptoms are most severe in the first few weeks of […]


Healing Spirituality from Addiction

By DFCAdmin in Blogs | | 16 Aug 2017

Drug addicts and alcoholics might get defensive when addiction recovery counselors urge them to seek a spiritual path to recover from their addictions. Many people confuse the concepts of spirituality and religion, then reject the prospect of exposing themselves to religious proselytizing. Spirituality and religion do have overlaps, but spiritual healing in addiction recovery speaks […]


What Is The Point Of Taking Recovery One Day At A Time?

By DFCAdmin in QA | | 15 Aug 2017

Try to go into the future. Go ahead. Not successful? Can’t take care of tonight right now, or tomorrow in an instant? Try to go into the past and change something you don’t like that happened to you. Go ahead. Not successful? Can’t change something in the past, make it better, make it different, in […]


6 Esteemable Ways To Boost Your Self-Esteem

By DFCAdmin in Blogs | | 15 Aug 2017

The best way to build self-esteem is through esteemable acts that make you feel better about who you are as a person in healthy, concrete ways. Show Up On Time: When you make a commitment to time with another person, you are committing to not just your time but their time. You owe it to […]


Can I Drink Normally After I Go To Treatment For An Alcohol Problem?

By DFCAdmin in Blogs | | 14 Aug 2017

Your history with alcohol abuse is what brought you to treatment. Due to your demonstrated inability to manage and control your drinking, your life start to be negatively impacted. As a result, your family and friends implored that you seek treatment. Something within you knew that the way you were drinking and consuming alcohol wasn’t […]


Self-Esteem Starts With Recovery

By DFCAdmin in Blogs | | 14 Aug 2017

Everyone is telling you to be courageous, have strength, and be proud of the fact that you’re going to treatment. You’re learning about the shame and stigma that surround addiction and alcoholism mostly from yourself. All of the people in recovery are the ones who seem positive. You, however, are not quite so sure. You’ve […]